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A whiff of Telangana - The Hindhu

Rustic touches  The Hindhu





YASALA BALAIAH'S batik and acrylic paintings reflect the life and nuances of a seeker. And it's surprising that he sees much of his world from
his small studio in Siddipet. In an age of instant gratification and mindless marketing the unassuming retired teacher dabbles
in painting equipped only with an innate ability to grasp, assimilate and apply.

Yasala Balaiah known for his delightful paintings of Telangana Women, drawn from the beautiful rural backdrop of his native
land. His colorful paintings of brightly attired, dark complexioned, straight nosed strong boned Telangana women, captured
with a native candor brings a refreshing whiff of rural splendor.


Yasala Balaiah, an established senior artist expert at Batik Painting, at one earned himself the nickname, "Batik Balaiah",

fascinating people all over the world with his dexterous experiments in this medium.

Says Balaiah, It's all from imagination. Not based on live art. Which is surprising as the brightly attired, dark complexioned
women in regular activity are reminiscent of rural life that is as close as possible to reality. The artist never fails to mesmerize

and in his superb work his lines crisscross with exceptional energy and power.


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