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About Yasala Balaiah


Yasala Balaiah an established senior artist from Ibrahimpur was born in India in 1939 & now resides in Hyderabad. After completing his M. A. & B. Ed in Drawing & Painting in 1962 he took up a job as an art teacher. This multi-talented artist, who is also an expert at Batik painting, at one time earned himself the nick name, “Batik Balaiah”, fascinating people all over the world with his dexterous experiments in this medium.

Balaiah is also known for his delightful paintings of ‘Telangana Women’, drawn from the beautiful rural backdrop of his native land. His colorful paintings of brightly attired, dark complexioned, straight nosed strong boned Telangana women, captured with a native, native candor brings a refreshing whiff of rural splendor.

Balaiah responds to his native landscape & the people with a completely uncontrived directness. Not analyzing, but simply responding with an instinct that is traditional yet contemporary in style. One of his prized possessions is a medal that he received from the President of India in 1994 for his exemplary contribution to art medium.

One can't help but admire the artist's attention to detail and the extensive work that has gone into not just portraying the expressions but their attire too. Use of bright orange, red, yellow and green has a captivating effect. Whether it is a group of women gossiping in the village or farmers with their cattle, each painting narrates a story of the rural life.

Today Balaiah has retired from his job as a teacher & has devoted himself to working at his art full time. To his credit, he has participated in many solos & group shows, artist camps & received many awards, recently receiving the prestigious Veteran Artists awarded by the AIFACS, New Delhi.




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